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Web Designing & Developing

We have the experience and expertise to offer Custom website design for corporate, small business and other organizations. We are glad to offer you most comprehensive Professional website design and affordable website design services that fulfill your all business requirements.

Domain & Web Hosting

A Web Hosting Service should be fast, secure, reliable, comprehensive and powerful. At DADOFWEB we offer you all that and more. Apart from these features, DADOFWEB's Web Hosting Service includes superior management capabilities that help in achieving highest levels of scalability, efficiency and security. Our Web Hosting Services are meant to proffer the website all the necessary equipments that are required for its placement in the search engines i.e. network, hardware, software and other facilities.

IT Consultancy

DADOFWEB provides IT Project Consultancy as a Total Solutions Provider (TSP) / Nodal Agency to prestigious Enterprises, Educational Institutions, Government Departments etc. The IT Consultancy services range from understanding your business processes, providing simple advice in terms of best suited technology & platforms to designing & implementing scalable networks & robust solutions tailored to your specific needs.


DADOFWEB offers full network design, implementation & remedial services. All our solutions are scalable & designed with the future in mind - allowing your network to grow as your business expands. DADOFWEB ensures that its VPN Services lets a user enjoy the privacy of a secured-data network while benefiting from the flexibility, varied applications & economy of the Internet. Further a user can create extranets, intranets & provide remote access to LANs.

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